Abuse Potential Similarities Between Hypnotic Classes: Real-World Data

Moline ML, Cheng JY, Durgin C, Pype S, Buchhalter A, Henningfield J

To identify differences and similarities in real-world abuse potential between dual orexin receptor antagonists (DORAs) and other drugs used as hypnotics, either Schedule IV (CIV) or unscheduled. DORAs, the newest hypnotic class, were placed in CIV based largely on human abuse potential (HAP) studies but have less apparent abuse-related events in the community versus benzodiazepines. For this study, real-world data from various sources compared DORAs to other CIV drugs and to unscheduled drugs used to treat insomnia.

To be presented at the 85th CPDD Annual Scientific Meeting, Poster Session 3, June 20, 2023.