Global Forum on Nicotine

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At the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Hufford envisioned the future of recreational and therapeutic nicotine consumption. He invited attendees to consider the rapid evolution of electronic nicotine delivery devices and the role that excessive regulation could play in thwarting their beneficial public health impact. He framed these issues against a backdrop of the impact and pace of innovation and the potential consequences of regulation on the pace of innovation.

Joe Gitchell, PA President, offered brief remarks at the close of the conference and noted the tension between incomplete science and the need and desire to act, as well as the substantial challenges of observing any set of circumstances through any lens but one’s own. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable, but Mr. Gitchell called on participants to be willing to ask themselves difficult questions.

Dr. Hufford’s presentation can be found here:

Watch Dr. Hufford’s presentation and Mr. Gitchell’s closing comments.