Drug Abuse Research and Scientific Integrity in the 21st Century

Categories: Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity: adherence to professional values and practices when conducting and applying the results of science1.

Dr. Bethea (Annie) Kleykamp presented at CPDD on the subject of scientific integrity, which impacts the behavior and is the responsibility of scientist researchers, as well as journalists, healthcare providers, industry executives, legislators, regulators, and patient advocates, among others.

“Open dialogue among individuals and organizations associated with drug abuse research is essential for ensuring that such research remains scientifically rigorous in the 21st century,” urged Dr. Kleykamp.

Active engagement of individuals and organizations in academia, industry, and government is essential for ensuring scientific integrity. Education for scientists and non-scientists should address issues including financial disclosures, non-financial conflicts of interest, communication of science to the general public, and principles of science such as critical thought and replication.

Read Dr. Kleykamp’s presentation here.