Methods Used by US Adults to Stop Smoking Cigarettes, 2020–2022

Categories: Data, Posters

Foxon F. Niaura R.

CDC’s nationally-representative US health survey data (NHIS) asked US adults who stopped smoking completely from 2020–2022 which methods they used to stop. 7.5 million US adults stopped smoking completely from 2020–2022. 54.6% (4.1 million adults) used one or more nicotine products to stop smoking completely from 2020–2022. 42.5% (3.2 million) used e-cigarettes (alone or in combination with other methods) to stop smoking completely from 2020–2022. 27.2% (2.0 million) used e-cigarettes exclusively to stop smoking completely from 2020–2022.

Nicotine-containing methods were the most popular methods used to stop smoking completely by US adults from 2020–2022 (especially e-cigarettes). These findings support FDA’s ‘nicotine-focused framework for public health’ and authorization of certain e-cigarette products as “appropriate for the protection of public health”, as well as CDC statements that “[e]-cigarettes have the potential to benefit adults who smoke… if used as a complete substitute for regular cigarettes”.