OTC commercialization and optimization


  • Develop the briefing package for presentation to potential partners of an OTC product/technology
  • Identify a development and marketing partner
  • Develop forecast models for new or potential-acquisition products
  • Make a go/no-go decision about a potential acquisition


  • Evaluate the potential for a new OTC product or technology
  • Identify and facilitate contacts with potential partners
  • Support preparation for meetings with potential partners, including advise on the structure and content of the briefing package and presentation
  • Review due-diligence information for a potential acquisition
  • Advise on the OTC product/technology development timeline and issues
  • Support the commercialization process for the acquisition, including forecasting new or OTC switch brand volume, and helping develop launch scenarios and timing


  • Clinical and Behavioral Research
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Business and Marketing Strategy

For companies with a product or technology destined for the OTC market and those considering an acquisition, PinneyAssociates applies decades of industry experience from within and consulting to the OTC healthcare industry to help companies find a business partner or evaluate an opportunity. Through our understanding of the global OTC market and extensive relationships within the industry, we can identify the most likely business partners, support development of complete briefing packages, and help evaluate the value of a potential acquisition.