Tobacco harm reduction

For the past 25 years, PinneyAssociates has worked to minimize the death and disease associated with smoking conventional cigarettes. Our efforts have included helping smokers gain greater access to nicotine replacement therapies by facilitating over the counter availability of these products, as well as tireless advocacy for regulations, policies, and products that facilitate smoking cessation and harm minimization. Our current work on reduced risk nicotine and tobacco products is exclusively with Reynolds American Inc; and extends these goals by focusing PinneyAssociates’ efforts on increasing smokers’ access to non-combustible forms of nicotine delivery with a continued commitment to reducing the devastating impact of smoking on public health. We do not work on RAI’s conventional cigarettes.

We invite you to read this letter to the editor in the journal Addiction co-authored by Drs. Jack Henningfield and Saul Shiffman, in which the authors emphasize that the goal of nicotine/tobacco science should be a reduction in tobacco-related morbidity and mortality and discuss the role of harm reduction products in reaching that goal.

Why We Work With the Tobacco Industry