Arielle Selya, PhD



Arielle S. Selya is an established researcher who applies her extensive quantitative training in innovative methodology to analyses of epidemiology and policy. In her role at PinneyAssociates, Arielle contributes to:

  • Identifying and applying statistical models to analyze population dynamics
  • Developing manuscripts for peer review
  • Developing protocols for a variety of studies and for postmarketing surveillance


With nearly 50 publications, Arielle’s research track synthesizes her multidisciplinary training in behavioral science and methodology. She has experience in a wide range of advanced statistical analyses, as well as in system dynamics simulation modeling.

Prior to joining PinneyAssociates, Arielle worked in academia for 10 years studying adolescent substance use and addiction. She previously held a faculty position at Sanford Research/University of South Dakota, where in addition to her research, she led initiatives to translate population-health research projects into clinical implementation, and to make electronic medical record (EMR) data available on-demand to researchers. She also worked as an assistant professor at the University of North Dakota, where she taught applied methodology courses for the Master of Public Health Program.


  • Currently pursuing master’s level training in system dynamics simulation modeling from the University of Bergen, Norway
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in psychology from Wesleyan University
  • Earned her doctorate in neuroscience from Rutgers University
  • Graduated with a bachelor’s in physics from Cornell University