Marion A. Coe, Ph.D.


As a clinical pharmacologist, trained first at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and later as a graduate student at the University of Kentucky, Marion supports risk management and surveillance programs at PinneyAssociates. Given her hands-on clinical experience, she is also able to provide clients guidance on regulatory activities including IRB and IND submissions, support clinical trials design and management (with particular expertise in in the area of medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders), and provide competitive intelligence and strategic analysis support.

Marion began her research career at the Section on Human Psychopharmacology at NIAAA, where she was involved in clinical studies utilizing intravenous ethanol self-administration. At NIAAA and during her doctoral work, Marion gained experience planning, managing, and contributing to final study reports of clinical trials for CNS-active compounds, both for marketed and novel drugs. She has worked on both investigator-initiated and sponsor-supported trials.

Working in the Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Kentucky, Marion performed strategic analysis of patent literature, competitive analysis of existing and pipeline pharmaceutical products, and synthesis of market trends related to key stakeholder activity and profitability in order to further client commercialization goals.

Marion has authored or co-authored six papers in peer-reviewed journals, including a review of all marketed buprenorphine products, and has presented at both national and international scientific meetings.

She received her doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Kentucky, where her dissertation characterized time course and severity of benzodiazepine- and hypnotic- induced psychomotor impairment. While at University of Kentucky, she completed a fellowship in the Office of Technology Commercialization, worked in the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, and served as a mentor to rising junior and senior undergraduates via the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Environmental Health Sciences. In her spare time, Marion spends time hiking with her dog and refinishing old furniture.