Reginald Fant, Ph.D.

Director, Clinical Pharmacology and Abuse Potential Assessment

Reginald (Reggie) Fant leads our abuse potential assessment activities and serves as the primary author on the development of comprehensive reports on abuse potential, including the abuse potential assessment required as part of the NDA per the 2017 FDA guidance on Assessment of Abuse Potential of Drugs (often referred to as the 8-Factor Analysis). He advises our prescription and OTC clients on abuse liability and drug scheduling, as well as risk management programs designed to monitor and/or reduce abuse. He has also participated in meetings with the Controlled Substances Staff at FDA on behalf of Sponsors.

With a background that includes clinical research on the abuse liability of nicotine and other drugs of abuse, physiological and subjective efforts of drugs (including opioids, stimulants, sedatives, cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol), and laboratory studies of potential smoking and opioid treatment medications, Reggie brings a breadth of scientific and regulatory knowledge to meeting our clients’ needs.

Since joining the company in 1997, Reggie has written literature reviews, reports, and peer-reviewed articles on topics such as, abuse liability of prescription and over-the-counter medications, nicotine replacement, smoking cessation medications, and new product development. He also participates in the company’s development of novel drug delivery systems, enjoys a cold pint of beer (with a preference for something hoppy), and cheers boisterously for the Steelers.

After completing his doctorate in experimental psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1993, Reggie completed postdoctoral fellowships in the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Clinical Pharmacology Branch of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.